Our Philosophy

At Nice and Tall, our focus is on instructing Pilates that aligns with the original philosophy established by Joseph and Clara Pilates. Overall, our Pilates Studio is dedicated to helping our clients achieve optimal health and well-being by using a thoughtful, individualized approach based on the latest scientific information. We believe that Pilates can be transformative for both the body and the mind, and we are committed to helping our clients unlock their full potential.

Although Pilates might seem uncomplicated, the Pilates conditioning system methodically builds strength, balance, and posture. Pilates is intended to make your body more supple, giving it a natural grace and proficiency that will be unmistakably apparent in the way you walk, play, and work, as well as offering the stamina to enjoy the everyday activities of life.

The Pilates conditioning system contains numerous combinations of exercises, and whether you’ve practiced Pilates for years or are trying it out for the first time, your body and mind will surely be intrigued and challenged.

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Meet Our Team

Konstantin Tulinov

Konstantin Tulinov


Started his fitness journey 20 years  ago and went through all stages from group instructor and personal trainer to fitness director. Konstantin taught all possible fitness classes from Step Aerobics to Body Pump and Cycling and eventually fall in love with Pilates!
Certified by Polestar Pilates he keeps his eyes open on the lates scientific updates about human body. Years of experience, curiosity and love.
He enjoying spending time in nature with his daughters, taking new workshops and courses, riding his motorcycle.

Sean Langford

Pilates Instructor

Sean Langford is a dancer/choreographer/teacher based in Brooklyn. He graduated cum laude from Mason Gross School of the Arts in 2016. His passion for movement and the human body lead him to become a certified Pilates instructor through Polestar Pilates and a Certified Personal Trainer for the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

His expertise includes scoliosis, shoulder pathologies, inversions and sport-specific training. When not teaching you can find him enjoying long walks in nature, creating laughter over espresso and befriending fuzzy animals.

Alla Semenova

Pilates Instructor

Alla has an extensive background in ballet, having performed across Europe and Russia from an early age. The idea that exercise can also be beautiful and graceful led her to embrace Pilates 10 years ago when she first came to New York.

Alla was certified as a Pilates instructor by Polestar Pilates, and her unique background has led her to teach an original approach to mindful movements. In addition to her pilates certification, she is also an INN Certified Health Coach.  

In her spare time, Alla loves to travel, exploring new cities, cultures, and traditions.  Opera, ballet, or a jazz show are some of her favorite ways to spend an evening.

Chrissy Schultz

Chrissy Schultz

Pilates Instructor

Chrissy Schultz is originally from Pennsylvania where she started her participation in gymnastics and dance at the age of 5. She actively pursued dancing and by the age of 15 moved to NYC to study at the School of American Ballet. This lead to the start of her professional career as a dancer in the world renowned New York City Ballet for 8 years. Throughout her dance career she suffered from injuries which taught her how to rehab by using Pilates and other strength and conditioning techniques.
She is certified in the Pilates apparatus from Body Arts and Science and was mentored by Marika Molnar, the physical therapist for the New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theater.
In addition to Pilates, Chrissy has taught barre, TRX, and kettlebells for many private studios across New York including Refine and Bodyfit in Scarsdale.
In her free time, she likes taking beach vacations and walking her 2 dogs.


Eduardo Colon

Massage Therapist

Eduardo Colon has been practicing integrative bodywork since 1998. His belief in the power of touch therapy stems from his own experiences and his success with clients.

Eduardo is a licensed massage therapist and structural integrator in New York and New Jersey with over 2,300 hours of bodywork education in various disciplines. He specializes in Structural Integration, direct myofascial release, frozen shoulder release, orthopedic manual testing and functional muscle testing. After completing license certifications at the Somerset School of Massage Therapy (1998) and the Academy of Massage Therapy (2006), Eduardo studied directly under Tom Meyers for certification in the 12 Series of Kinesis Myofascial Integration (2011). He completed Advanced Structural Integration training at Anatomy Trains in 2014.

Eduardo’s passions and hobbies help him maintain an active lifestyle through weight training, calisthenics, running, pilates and travel, spending free time to study his craft further.